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Villa Olé Guapa on Bonaire is a multi functional Villa that you can convert into 3 + 1 villa apartments . Handy if, for example, you come on holiday together with family or friends in the Villa.
Everything is connected to each other, and these double connecting doors can optionally be closed (locked) or remain open
The villa has a beautiful and large tropical private garden. Take a look at the view of the garden and swimming pool!


How can we help you? Our list of Frequently Asked Questions.

Are the rooms connected?

Yes, the bedrooms of our multi functional Villa have double connecting doors. These doors can be locked on request (locked), or remain open: then each door has its own key. As the tenant you decide the layout yourself when you rent our multi functional villa.

Can I use the whole villa?

When you rent our villa Olé Guapa, you can use every single room. The private swimming pool, garden and parking spots are yours to enjoy. We have multiple entry keys available.

Can I rent just one or two parts of the villa ?

Do you just need one or two parts of villa Olé Guapa ? It is possible to book our villa parts separately. The villa parts can be booked via

Is a barbecue available?

Bonaire is an magnificent island to light up a barbecue and enjoy some excellent meat or fish. We have a special barbecue spot in the garden, with a huge barbecue and dinner table.

Can we stay until the last moment?

You and your family or friends can stay until the very last moment, when it’s time to drive to the airport. We’ll make sure transportation to the airport is arranged.

Do you rent out cars?

A special offer when you choose for one of our quality cars together with your accommodation: A compact and comfortable Hyundai Grand i10 (4 seats) for just $ 35 or a comfortable Toyota Hilux Luxury pickup for just $ 42,50 per day including insurance and taxes! We recommend using a pickup when you are planning to dive on Bonaire. The car can be parked in front of our villa.